Sunday, October 24

Tell these Petunias its Fall!

I just couldn't resist, these petunias looked so pitiful in August, I asked Herb to pull the cart around to the woods, he refused, saying they might make a comeback, well, as much as I hate to admit it, he was right, look at them! I know the cart should be full of pumpkins and mums, but we are still getting real warm days, and Christmas Open House is less than two weeks away, so I am letting them show off.....silly me!!!
I have been looking at some old Country Living magazines, from the 80's when they were so full of wonderful old baskets, pewter, woodenware, all the things we love. And I have been enjoying reading Jo Northrup's, Simple Pleasures articles, and well, I guess petunias in October is one of Lifes Simple Pleasures, here in NC. Oh and by the way, Jo used to live up the road from here. I know, I am getting eccentric.
And less than two weeks away is our Christmas Open House, I promise to hide the petunias before then, ok?
Jen at Just Country!

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denise said...

i love the old country living. the new on sucks. like you i enjoyed Jo's column. those were the good ole days!!! denise