Thursday, December 17


We sold a cupboard yesterday, seems we have been doing alot of that lately, (believe me, I am not complaining), anyway, we had just picked up this one, so brought it in the shop. The man we got it from said his Mother used to be a dealer in Va. and this was one of her pieces, its really nice and has this little shelf that pulls out under the top half. I took a picture of it with the door open and one with it shut, so you could see it both ways. There is also some nice storage in the bottom.
We also picked up an iron bed with brass finials, Herb said a full size mattress will fit on it. I guess we will need to put it up tomorrow, with the forcast we are getting, they have mentioned that four letter word a few times(snow), now won't that make our Friday Frenzy, a real Frenzy??? You can stop on your way home and try to find some milk and bread!!!!
Jen at Just Country!


Cherry said...

That cupboard will probably fly out the door also. It is a good looking piece. Congrats on all your cupboard sales !!!!

Jen said...

Thanks Cherry! It is a good looking cupboard.

KKL Primitives said...

What a great cupboard!!! You will have no problem selling that piece either!!