Sunday, November 4

Wow.....What Amazing Customers We Have!!!!

I finally got the names for the drawing done.  Want to thank my amazing customers for another wonderful open house!!!!  After I pulled the names I was looking at some of the slips for the drawing and there were so many of you that I never even knew were here.  I was just trying to ring out people and get the lines down.  Hope you all enjoyed your day here.  It was an amazing day.  Many of you came back today because you said it was so crowded you knew you didn't get to see it all.  I just want to say "Thanks", and to let you know, we really do appreciate each and every one of you.
Now for the winners....Cheryl Cunningham, Raeford, Carol McPherson, Brunswick, NC and Jenni Proudfoot, Fayetteville, NC.
Remember we are now open Monday-Saturday, 10-5 and 1-5 on Sunday for the holidays.
Jen at Just Country!

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