Wednesday, September 5

Fall Open House

For several years Dee and I wanted to do a fall event, but we never could seem to work it in until 3 years ago, we decided to try it on Labor Day weekend on Saturday, we figured alot would be out of town, but we would try it anyway.  Wow....its been huge!  This year was the best one yet, we had people from all over the state.  We appreciate all of you, from near and far and we hope you enjoyed our offerings this year.  I tell ya, Dee and I wonder how many more of these we have in us, they just don't seem to get any easier and the heat this year was really getting to us, it was so humid.  But we made it and when the cars started pulling in, we felt it was all worthwhile.  Thank you so much for supporting us and for coming.
I finally got the box out for the drawing, and the winners are.......
Harriet Johnson, Pat Buck, and Camille Bollinger!!!
Thank you once again!
Jen at Just Country!

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