Sunday, August 26

Can I Tease You?

 This is just a few of the wonderful handmades we have this year, these are All American made, and made with lots of heart and soul.
 This is a blanket chest we picked up/
 This picture doesn't do this piece justice, its a small beadboard cupboard and the inside is divided into cubbies.
 Here is a shot in the buttery, I love the red steps, great for display, I picked up a few nice butter presses.
Just another buttery shot.
Remember we will be closed this Friday, August 31(we are meanies, we will not let you in, so please don't try).  We will open Saturday promptly at 10.  We will be open on Sunday, then closed on Monday for Labor Day.
Hope you like what you see.
Jen at Just Country!


Cherry said...

Love the eye candy,Jen. You find the best prim goodies.

Saltbox Farm said...

Looks great Addie, wish I could fly down and come shoppin'...and know, not on my broom!!

Jen said...

Thanks Cherry!!!

Jen said...

Brunie on a broom, now thats a sight to see!!!