Sunday, July 1

Dees Finds and Sonyas Baskets

Sonya has been with me almost from the start, we opened the shop in 1997, she joined us about a year later.  This year Sonya turned 80, she has had some health issues and told me this would be her last year of basket weaving, if you don't have one of her baskets, you really should get one, American locally made and very reasonable.
 Dee noticed she would bring in a tool and it would quickly disappear, so shes been gathering up a few tools.

 This is a push up candlestick similar to the others we had, very nice old one.
The jar of pincushions are part of our sewing section.  

Jen at Just Country!


Anonymous said...

Those baskets are WONDERFUL!!!! Very cool tools of Dee's and love the candles!!

Cynthia said...

Sorry to hear of Sonyas health issues. I certainly have enjoyed her baskets. When the customers see her baskets, it is clear that they are made with a caring heart, love for weaving, and passion. Often in my many visits to the shop, customers have made many positive comments. I am sure on Customer’s Appreciation morning this will be one of the interesting topics of discussion.

Thanks to you and Herbie for having Sonya’s baskets available for purchase.

Happy 80 years. Good luck and we will be thinking of you in our hearts with thoughts and prayers.


Barbara said...

Hey Jen...looks like just a few goodies you'll have at your Customer Appreciation event this weekend, right? The 14th? Wish I could be there! BLESSINGS!