Tuesday, May 8

Tool Chest/Coffee Table

We have had this tool chest as our coffee table in our tv room for about 10 years, we are replacing it with another one, its a nice heavy duty one with nice hardware(handles).  Kinda hard to part with it, like saying goodbye to a family member, but we really have no more room.  So its looking for a new home, I had it full of magazines, books and fabric(which I need to go through as well).
Just a reminder, we will be closed on Mothers Day.
Oh and I just got the new Country Samplers in, and right there on page 37 is a hog trough!  We love those!
Jen at Just Country!


Anonymous said...

I love it!! Esp the color. Looks very sturdy and great storage!!

Saltbox Farm said...

It's beautiful Addie....but, I'd love to see what you put in it's place ")