Wednesday, January 25

New and Back in Stock....

 This is a table top desk we picked up a couple weeks ago, it had no bottom in it, so Herb fixed that.
 This is the sweetest double pine childs desk, guess the lady that used to own it had twin grandchildren, it has the inkwell on one side and the top lifts on each side.  The pine has really nice wear to it.
This is one of Herbs farm tables he makes, and we have a two ended measure on it, filled with gourds.
 I saw this in an antique mall, and thought it was so cute, and copied it, its an old rake head holding wine glasses.  Thought that was a cute idea.
 We have some of Giles log cabin birdhouses back in stock, they may retire these, so if you want one, now is the time.  This one above is pretty much like the one that was on the cover of Mercantile Gatherings.
 Yes, we found some ladders, had to go to Ohio to get them.
Below is another one of Giles birdhouses.
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