Thursday, December 1

Made In Amerca!

Did you see the news the other night, when Diane Sawyer was talking about buying American made and how just spending about $64.00 can create 200,000 jobs?  Here is the link...
We have many Made in America here at Just Country, some done right here in NC.

 This snowman is done by Georgia, here in NC.
 These Santas were made in Michigan by my friend,  Brunie.  The little red bench was made in Tennessee.
 Another Brunie santa.
 This shelf with the quilt crane was made in Ohio and the snowmen on the mantel are American made as well.
 These linens were handwoven in Pa.
 Snowmen and sign, Made in USA!
 Dee made this Gingerbread Wreath.
 Santa was made in Tennessee.
 Angel made in USA!
 American made angel.
Bonnet and sign made here in the USA!
Jen at Just Country!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh I agree. I would pay five times as much for American made goods because everything I have that is older and still working was made back in the day in the USA.

Raymond Homestead said...

What wonderful Christmas goodies!