Saturday, October 22

Hart Square, Newton, NC

Today we went to Hart Square, in Newton, NC. What a treat! There are over 90 old log structures located at Hart Square, and furnished in wonderful primitives. Its only open one day a year, if you've never been, you must go, its amazing.
Jen at Just Country!


annie said...

I wish I could go, maybe next year!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

What a neat place...and such beautiful pics. I'll bet you had a blast!


Jen said...

Annie, yes, you should go, its really wonderful.
And PJ, yes, we had a really nice time, the cabins and the furnishings were unbelieveable.

Debbie said...

Hey Jen- isn't it wonderful?? We have been several times since we are log cabin addicts- ha ha!! Can't wait to go back and get log cabin fever!! Debbie- Back Shed

Debbie said...

Hey Jen- love that place!! We have been there several times, since we are log cabin addicts- ha ha! Can't wait to go back- a must trip for everyone- Debbie/ Back Shed