Thursday, July 21

Shop Shots!

Here is one of Georgia's wreaths, we sell so many of these!
This sign says it all, huh?
Grouping with a little handmade tote.
This is an old tote with wonderful wear, and one of Georgia's crows, and bittersweet? Ahhh....hurry up fall, we are so ready.
Some gourds in a really cool handmade trencher.
Cute little lifttop desk, handmade of course.
Cute handmade bear and a handmade cubbie box.
This is a gate Herb made from old tobacco sticks. We love those old tobacco sticks.
Hope your staying cool! We have the AC here crankin, come see us!
Jen at Just Country!


Ronda said...

Awesome eye candy..thanks for sharing!

Deb @ Crows on the Cupola said...

Love the wreath.. Love it all! Your shop looks so fun, I wish I lived closer!

Saltbox Farm said...

It all looks fabulous Addie...makes me wanna come shopping in NC!!