Sunday, June 12

Sunday Pics

I took this picture yesterday of the butterflies on the coneflowers, my sister said it didn't look real, looked like a painting? Not sure if that was a compliment or not? But it is a sight to behold, huh?
Here is the mantel in the Gathering Room with one of the light garland strands, Dee did this up last week.
Here is an Americana tree Dee did, and of course one of Giles cabin birdhouses.
Hope your staying cool, we are having some hot days!
Jen at Just Country!


peggy said...

are you sure that is a photo. It is amazing, looks like art to me. Enjoyed visiting you this Sunday eve.

jennifer768 said...

The cone flowers so beautiful .I confess that I thought it a postcard when I first saw it.LOL ! Loved your pics.Hugs,Jen